Errors that occur while cooking with Butter

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Many people say that by adding butter or butter into the cuisine will make it all the better.

On the one hand, the butter is indeed often make the food becomes more savory and delicious, but butter can also make food being ' horrible '.

As if you burned the steak with butter, for  example. It was a pretty fatal errors which can make the meat quickly burnt and bitter.

Therefore, Foxnews, reported by the following three common mistakes people do often while cooking with butter.

1. Use a butter with a wrong temperature
Dense-textured butter at room temperature and liquid when heated. The use of butter of course varies according to what you want to cook. If you want to bake the cake better combine the sugar with the butter in the room temperature.

Butter which has been melted down is suitable for making Biscuits are supple, while butter is dense without being melted down is suitable for making pastry is soft, and to make the skin of pie you need cold butter.

2. using a substitute for butter in all types of cuisine
Because it has a consistency similar to butter, most people tend to choose the coconut oil in place of butter in all types of cuisine. This will certainly ruin the final result of the food, especially if you bake the cake or biscuits.

Baking cookies requires knowledge and success of any given recipe depending on the accuracy of the prescription. But if you just want to simply frying an egg, you can substitute butter with coconut oil, although olive oil is much better to use.

3. Add the butter too quickly when burning
In fact, the pleasure of butter did not fit in with the cooking techniques that use high heat. As in making steaks, barbecue, and the like.

But there is a simple trick to give a touch of butter on those types of food: with a slathering of meat, seafood, or vegetables are vegetables that are roasted or grilled with butter when they are almost done.

That way, the butter will produce a foul smell and help change the color of food into a beautiful golden brown.

Special Holiday Delicious Salted Egg Prawn

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Salted egg PRAWN often served in Chinese-style seafood restaurant. No need to spend more in order to enjoy this restaurant. You can make it at home, in addition to the more frugal, taste and cleanliness is assured if pisses himself.

Check out the following recipes as quoted from a recipe book of choice Chinese Food Halal, Henky Runtuwene, Sunday (20/3/2016)


10 pancet, peeled shrimp tail to tail, back side

2 eggs salt already boiled, take its course, puree

100 ml fresh milk

2 cloves garlic, minced

10 grams onion, chopped

5 strands of mint leaves, chopped (can be replaced with leaf lime)

1 red chili pepper, seeded and chopped

5 gr salt

2 gr. Pepper

How to make a

1. Cook the egg yolk aisn together fresh milk over low heat until thickened;

2. stir in shrimp and other seasonings, Cook until shrimp changes color and seasonings well blended. Then serve while warm.

7-the world's best culinary tour

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Most people, soon pursued a wide range of local culinary if are travelling the country or people. Culinary hopping certainly will agree on this. For the fans of culinary tour prior to departure, will surely look for other types of culinary as well as on the internet.

Quoted from the sugar pop, here's seven culinary tour at the world best.

1. Copenhagen, Denmark

In this city, totalling 15 Michelin-starred  restaurant with a pattern of fine dining, but you do not need a damn choose where that could make you satisfied culinary tour dining options due to special and the best option is the Nome of.

2. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Bluenos aires tourist destinations being the right choice for berwita if you are interested in culinary dishes of steak and steakhouse, here has the best peredikat in the world.

3. San Francisco, California

The town is popular with molecular gastronomy culinary movement, agriculture, modern dining tables. Its uniqueness of hockey in this city against creative dishes so that innovations that become the very unique and no other place.

4. Sicily, Italy

Visit and tasting cuisine in this Sicilian city to become the next points. Here you will find a variety of authentic Italian dishes like pizza, pasta and seafood.

5. Paris, France

The city offers diverse love this classic dishes such as pastry, crepes, baguette, macaron and so on will make you fall in love. A talented chef in the whole world are here starting from their study, work even opened a restaurant so don't miss this culinary tour of the city.

6. Mumbai, India

Culinary tour of india nuanced vegetarian dishes like dosa, Curry, Samosas and others. you will feel safe visiting here will not cause the tasting menu of meat.

7. Tokyo, Japan

Culinary tourism in the city is closely on sushi and much more. Various Japanese dishes really cared for the process serving with stringent darii measure, size and quality. This makes the culinary attractions Tokyo as the best in the world.

Delicious And Savory Cuisine Tips Without MSG

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Most people naturally prefer against delicious  cuisine plus more savory. So the choice of other people with the use of MSG or MSG in a nutshell language in order to gain a sense of tempting food.

However, the use of excessive MSG causes brain and body health be reduced so that it is not good for health. For those of you who  intend to cook and wants your dishes savory and delicious teraa need not use MSG, you should view the following reviews.

You can also practice a number of these materials in order to increase a sense of dimasakanmu.

Here's a recipe that is very commonly used. Add the granulated sugar in a little portion in each masakanmu. Then give salt. granulated sugar is added last in relation to half of the portion of a given salt.

So it could make the cuisine feels increasingly tempting. you can try to use garlic. Then the chopped garlic and saute until it issued its aroma. Then add dimasakan or may be you are goring and sow them in the dish.
When cooking soup, stir-fry, stews and pepes you can try entering the mold. Famous fungi have kendungan in it natural flavorings. This step can help with dishes, tasty though don't use flavor enhancer.

Even you can try entering a meat broth in every cuisine. However, this recipe can be used only on merkuah or stir fry dishes. fresh shrimp are also at your disposal in order to become even more delicious dishes even though it does not use MSG.

Thus some easy ways that you can try in order to make more delicious and savory cuisine does not use a flavor enhancer. let Cook healthily from now on in order to later life healthier.